One-time experience


Throughout the hectic big city life, overwhelmed with pleasure and neon temptations, there is a place where senses reach their peak of excitement and emotions explode. The eyes eagerly consume the view of the perfect temptants, who move their bodies on stage as if a black panther flirts with its devilish dance and grace under the shadow of the night.

One-time experience

Did you imagine for a moment and feel how your heart began to beat faster, wildly, wanting to embark on this accomplished?

We are now standing at the door of the TUZAR Luxury Men’s Club, 86 meters above ground on the 19th floor, in the refined Marinela Hotel.

Why so high?

Because only at that altitude, fantasies break their chains with the reality of the world.

There is no limit, there is no restraint, there is freedom. A freedom that every true gentleman can afford. We created this unique place for a select number of powerful men to enjoy the class, level and unforgettable experience of a few magnificent ladies, under complete discretion.

In order to meet all tastes and requirements, the drinks are selected from the highest class and combined with the boutique setting. Thus, we strive to add the finishing touch and of a classic night of enjoyment.

By crossing the threshold of TUZAR Luxury Men’s Club, along with our girls, you will be transferred to a place that will remain forever taboo and mystery for the rest of the world. Join us now!